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who we are

We are an AI company working on closing the loop on connecting enterprises directly with the customers. Understanding data from different sources and making sense of that data to respond better to customer needs and provide the right metrics to use for financial companies to better tailor their offerings. Through conversational agents reaching the customer pro actively and providing channels for  customers to reach the financial company at their convenience. We provide a complete digital experience with multi-lingual support to ensure high customer satisfaction and call closure. All calls are transcribed and translated (if required) for post call analysis. We also ensure context driven hand-off to live agents with appropriate skill matrix. The platform offers conversational IVR, Visual IVR and Voice/Chat assistants on web and mobile channels.



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Our Mission

Our mission is to close a transaction through “TOUCHLESS” experience and to help businesses digitally transform by using AI and working on the vision of  “Changing the way how human interact with machines” and in this short span Humonics being Awarded at IEEE BIGMM conference, Singapore for our “Motor Claims Vision AI” and “Automated Speech Recognition Engine”


HUNA : Artificial Intelligence Driven Omnichannel Contact Center Platform

Companies often fail across digital channels because they are insufficiently aware of the real needs and preferences of their customers across omnichannel journeys. To address this, our Design team at HUMONICS has rethink the design priorities and put Artificial Intelligence for Adaptive Human and Machine interactions.

Capturing what the customer wants : From “IVR” To “CONVERSATIONAL AI”

Full Stack of integrated AI technologies

HUNA AI Platform is a unified technology suite providing Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Dialog Management, and Voice Analytics. It handle Omni Channel conversations on any channel — voice, text, chat or social.

Industry Knowledgecaptured in Templates

HUNA AI Contact Center Platform is flexible, modular and scalable, powering a new generation of intelligent and personalized applications. Humonics IVA can understand the caller’s intent, improving the success rate of self-service interactions and solving the majority of your customer’s requests via self-service, so your customers spend less time waiting on hold and more time using your products.

State of ART AI

Our Data Science experts in deep neural networks brings our technology at par with Human conversations. Trained on telephony audio to improve speech recognition accuracy and fidelity for your contact center interactions and Voice analytics.

Visual AI Assistance over IVR

Power of Voice AI on your Phone Screen

Visual IVR systems combine speech and on-screen interactions, usually on a customer’s smart phone. This approach simplifies the navigation experience and expands the potential scope of IVR-based self-service activities. For example, updating or changing an address in an IVR system can be difficult. Allowing the customer to select and edit their personal information on a screen is much simpler.

Personalizing The Customer-Care Journey

Voice Of Customer

Enterprise can learn and analyses each customer need from real time Analytics.

Built To Scale

Platform to handle Millions of interactions in secure & compliant fashion.

Understanding To Match
Human Response

Customers are heard, understood and responded Intelligently.

Pathbreaking Real Time
Conversational AI

Customers can speak to Intelligent Virtual Agent naturally.

Pay As You Grow

Start from Free Trial and grow as you see Value.


Case Studies

Conversational IVR for a leading general insurance provider in India.

The Insurance Provider was experiencing high call volumes for First Notice of Loss (FNOL) for motor claims. Humonics deployed its Bot Platform for information gathering and providing intimation on claims that helped them with 35% cost reduction.

HIPAA Compliance Bot for a Leading US Payer.

The Payer had a contact center to provide support to the Providers who contacted them. The initial part of the call involved verification of the patient for HIPAA Compliance. Humonics’ conversational AI Interface on IVR was able to verify the details before passing the call to a Human Assistant reducing the AHT of the assisted call.

Voice Bot within a Mobile App of a leading Public Service Bank in India.

The Bank had a diversified population of customers leading a lower adoption of their Banking Mobile Application. Humonics deployed a vernacular voice assistant to their mobile banking application to increase the adoption of the application as well as decrease in call volumes in its contact centers.
















Being Awarded at IEEE BIGMM conference, Singapore for our research papers on “Motor Claims Vision AI” and “Automatic Speech Recognition Engine”.

  1. Leveraging Deep Learning Techniques for Automated Car Insurance Claims
  2. Automated Speech Recognition for Real Time Systems